For some undisclosed reasons I’ve been recently stuck in the east Lochaber area; each time I was going to the hills the weather had been forecast pretty bad anywhere else, and pretty good there. Last Monday it was exactly the same story: I really had wanted to go to the Ullapool or Glen Cannich areas, but the forecast had made me to abandon that idea.

The hills on east and west banks of Loch Treig impressed me greatly when I was climbing Beinn Teallach; hidden partially in haze and clouds they looked mystical. To the two Munros climbed together usually I added another one, Beinn na Lap. It’s pretty remote and otherwise accessible from Corrour train station, which itself can be reached only by train; rather inconvenient way from my point of view. It meant substantially tiring descents and ascents. I was wondering whether that had been a good idea while I was clambering up Beinn na Lap in hellish heat, with a prospect of returning down to the bottom of the glen and then climbing up the highest and steep hill of the day. On the other hand I didn’t have any other option than to do so, if I wanted to come back to my car.

Fortunately the 3-4 km long descent along the north-east ridge of Beinn na Lap was through pretty nice terrain, not to steep and quite relaxing. To my own surprise tackling the steep south side of Chno Dearg went relatively easy, despite the heat and still air. The final descent was long, but rather easy. Overall it was a really good day out.