This route was my second choice, as I lacked will-power to climb the hills. It was very pleasant, undemanding, though a long walk. It led to the remains of Balvenie Castle, Glenfiddich Distillery and then, from Dufftown Train Station, along the old (dismantled) railway to Craigallachie and along the river Spey to Aberlour. Practically all the time it was going through woodlands, with plenty of raspberries bushes on the sides of the path, ripen and ready to consume; also a couple of neglected cherry trees full of small, but delightfully sweet fruit. The main attraction between Craigallachie and Aberlour was a long, disused railway tunnel, looking really dark inside and quite creepy. I managed to lighten it a bit thanks to some photographic wizardry… Sitting by the bank of the Spey I had my lunch, topped with ice cream from local Co-op. From there the character of the walk was different; it climbed along the tarmac and then farm track up the hill towards Dufftown, with the view of Little Conval to the right, Ben Rinnes further on, and Ben Aigan to the left. At one point the farm track narrowed to a path, and led down the hill almost to Dufftown. There I completed my walk with another ice cream, this time from local CostCutter, and went back home to make this report.

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