I’ve been commissioned with finding a route from Tomintoul to the Hidden College of Scalan in the Glenlivet area. Obviously I started with printed maps and Google Earth, and produced something looking relatively simple and straightforward. Then there was time to try it out. After weeks of winter storms the forecast was so good that I decided to give it a go. As it turned out, the weather was magnificent, with acceptably light breeze at times and warmth in the sunshine. However there was a genuinely treacherous stretch from the A939 up the hill through the forest: a thin, but iron hard and very slippery layer of ice – really nasty piece of work.

Most of the route led along Old Military Road (leaving Tomintoul), the A939 and farm tracks; slippery bit aside rather nice and easy, though pretty long walk. There was one stretch of bog in the middle of the route, but not worst I’ve ever come across, and not very long.