Sunday was the last day my friends and I spent in the town of Polanica Zdrój. We were to head back home after lunch, so our walk had to be relatively short. Our chosen destination was Castle Szczytnik, about 4 km away.

We started at the front of our accommodation and went up the tarmac road for about 5 minutes, and then turned right into woodlands, and we virtually didn’t leave it for the entire walk. The path was winding its way gently up and down, right and left. For the first half of our walk towards the castle the forest was deciduous, then it was gradually changing into predominantly coniferous. After about a one hour long walk we reached our target.

The castle was as old as its medieval appearance would suggest. In fact it had been built on the top of the hill above the village of Szczytno in the first half of the 19th century. The only part of the castle open to the public is its chapel, where regular Catholic Masses are celebrated by priests from the Order of the Holy Family Missionaries. In the forest nearby there is a stone cross set up on the rock; traditionally the priests sent to the missions abroad had set out there.

After the break we headed back to our hosts at a higher pace as we didn’t want to upset them by coming late for lunch. Eventually we returned only 15 minutes later than planned.



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